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Maxco Supply CIO – “A new ERP shouldn’t be a CIO decision.”

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Four words sum up how Nabeel Mahmood, CIO of Maxco Supply, describes the search for a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to take the Parlier, California-based packaging company into the future:

Extensive, cumbersome and extremely tiring.

Still, he says, he’s very happy with the decision that was finally arrived at – but first, a bit of background.

The history of Maxco dates back over 45 years. While still a student at California State University Fresno, founder and CEO Max Flaming got his start in packaging by gluing labels onto wooden boxes – at that time, the container of choice for the fruit industry. In 1972, he founded Maxco Supply, which has been providing packaging to the fresh food industry ever since.

But until recently, the company was struggling along on an elderly Oracle system that had been in place some 27 years. As CIO, Mahmood was finding it hard to get support for that system, or the resources to code it on an ongoing basis, he says:

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