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MapR File System selected by SAP for cloud storage layer

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It’s news that it may cause big double-takes in the world of Big Data. MapR announced Tuesday that the file system in its Converged Data Platform Hadoop distribution has been chosen by SAP to be used as its cloud storage technology for HANA, SAP IQ, and similar data workloads.

You read that right: MapR File System (MapR-FS), the company’s drop-in replacement for the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), has been selected by a major software company for general-purpose cloud storage, or at least purposes beyond Hadoop and Spark.

It was always special
MapR’s file system was its original differentiator in the Hadoop market: unlike standard HDFS, which is optimized for reading, and supports writing to a file only once, MapR-FS fully supports the read-write capabilities of a conventional file system. That still doesn’t explain why SAP would use it for broader purposes, of course.

But Vikram Gupta, Senior Director of Product Management at MapR, explained to me that, far from being just an enhanced version of HDFS, MapR-FS was in fact implemented as a standard file system from the get-go. After the core file system was developed, an HDFS-compatible interface was built on top of it, allowing MapR to swap it into its Hadoop distro as a replacement for generic HDFS.

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