At first they balked at the cloud, but now it seems they can’t imagine doing business any other way.

Or so suggests a recent survey released by Microsoft and 451 Research, which shows that an astonishing number of companies—a full 95 percent—plan to stick with their current cloud services provider in the coming year. Moreover, another 38 percent of these surveyed customers say the plan to increase their current spending with their provider on contract renewal.

So what could inspire such loyalty to a provider, and how could it impact companies using a cloud provider for their Microsoft Dynamics GP? In short, cloud services have expanded well beyond simple applications and storage. For companies going the cloud route for their Dynamics GP, it turns out there are a number of additional benefits of using the cloud rather than an in-house server. Here are our seven favorite reasons why companies using the cloud would choose to stay loyal to their cloud provider:


  1. Cloud Providers Offer Managed Services – For some companies, it’s all about easy. As cloud providers begin to offer more managed services beyond just Dynamics ERP or CRM options, they can become the single point of contact for all of a business’ IT needs. That means the company only needs to contact one vendor, without the hassle of dealing with dozens of providers offering dozens of services, like Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM cloud support, mobile device management, virtualization, data backups and many more.


  1. Cloud Providers Can Assist with Security – By providing a consistent set of monitoring controls to protect critical business data, companies can use cloud services to secure their data—like those important financials. Because data is stored in the cloud, customers can access it no matter what happens to their machine. The cloud can even remotely wipe data from lost laptops so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.


  1. Good Customer Service – Customers stay with cloud providers they can reach anywhere, anytime. Having a 24×7 help desk gives customers convenience and speed—which is a nice complement to the ability to work anytime, anywhere.


  1. Consultation Service – Customers are more likely to stay with a cloud provider that will come in and assess their business’ needs. Since a growing number of cloud services providers are offering an array of tools beyond just Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud, they are more capable of consulting on the business process as a whole rather than on a single tool or piece of software.


  1. Easier Upgrades – The beauty of cloud computing is that the servers are off-premise, out of sight and out of your hair. Cloud providers can take care of upgrades to Dynamics GP for you and roll out regular software updates so companies don’t have to worry about managing the upgrade process.

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