Wed. Mar 17th, 2021

Cloud is everywhere these days. And so is an ERP. An increasing number of manufacturer these days have implemented an ERP and this number is incrementing every passing day. Research suggests many manufacturers are constantly chasing the tech trends and are even going ahead on comparing on-premise ERP with cloud ERP, more than ever. Many manufacturers are even replacing their on-premise ERP with cloud ERP, while many still not feel the need. However, there may come a time when you really do need to consider getting a cloud ERP. Wondering how you would tell when is that time. This blog mentions 5 such signs that speak out loud “Its time for Cloud ERP”

Sign one: When you are feeling ERP is more of a liability than an asset

Cloud ERP solution, with entire setup available in the cloud, avoids infrastructural costs such as hardware, software and data servers. Also being not available at your premise, it cuts down on the maintenance and support cost of the applications.

Moreover, they are available on a monthly or annual subscription basis. The advantages of this pricing model include:

  • No upfront investment costs
    • No hardware costs
    • No infrastructure cost
    • No complexities of backups
    • No upgrade, data backup or recovery costs

Sign two: You totally get out of touch of your business when on the go

Being a SaaS-based application, Cloud ERP can be accessed by the user over the internet. The data is managed centrally at a remote datacenter by the ERP vendor which can be easily accessed by users through just an internet connection and web browser from anywhere and at any time making working on-the-go completely feasible.

Sign three: You are unprepared for data loss, be it through a natural disaster, hacking, virus attacks or such.

Understanding the importance of data, cloud ERP protects data from being lost. The data on cloud ERP is saved on multiple servers. So even if something happens to the main server, you can still have your data reserved in the backup. And, when required, the data can be restored on the main server. This ensures your data is secured even if great damage comes to the server. A regular backup and recovery plan runs in the background which covers your data at unfortunate times of fire, earthquake or virus attacks, etc.

Sign four: You face network issues

Unplanned or unexpected network downtime is another major threat organizations cannot afford even for a few minutes. It is a threat that is associated with ineffective communications, incompetent network team or poor IT infrastructure that ultimately harms productivity and brings about production halts, delayed deliveries and all dreadful unwanted experiences.

Cloud ERPs ensure that you get the maximum uptime as much as 99.9% as they are managed and maintained by a team of experts. The maintenance is scheduled at non-working hours. The infrastructure comprises of high-end servers with all possible abilities to keep downtime, jamming, hacking, breaching etc. at bay. You get- uninterrupted working experience lest you have a good internet connection at your end.

Sign five: Scalability and staying abreast to changing industry norms is a distant dream

In today’s dynamic business environment, manufacturers are compelled to adopt new emerging trends and regulations to shine out the competition. And, cloud-based ERP is always ahead of the pack when it comes to flexibility and scalability. Moreover, free and automatic upgrades also make it possible for manufacturers to adopt changes quickly, in a trouble-free manner.

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