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Managing the mobile and IoT tsunami

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With the sheer amount of mobile devices being used to carry out business critical activity, such as managing accounts and maintaining productivity while travelling to meetings, it’s never been more important for businesses can stay on top of their devices from one place without being forced to take hours out of their days to do so

Everything that can be connected will be connected. That’s the somewhat dog-eared maxim for the future of tech. Currently, around 23 billion ‘things’ are connected to the world’s various communication networks and more are joining at breakneck speed.

For consumers, these include everything from connected cars to toothbrushes. The general appetite for both novelty and innovation is spiking as the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google release new products into the market.

These, however, bring new business challenges around scale, interoperability, security and the management of devices and endpoints. The emotional fallout for consumers relying so heavily on technology can be hard. For example, 60% worry they could lose important data, and 29% even expressed fears of losing their jobs. The stress of technical failures concerns 72% of business owners due to the potential cost of data loss.

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