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What Makes a Successful IoT Enterprise? – Second Key Component is Integrated Hardware Software Development

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This is the second in the series of articles on what we believe are three critical requirements for any IoT enterprise to be successful. The first one arguing for “Hardware Robustness and Extensibility” as the first key component is available here.

“Hardware robustness” is a journey that has to be lived through for a successful IoT enterprise, manufacturing its own hardware. In my earlier article, I elaborated on why robust and extensible hardware is at the center-stage for any IoT application to succeed. The hardware does not work in isolation. Along with the hardware, a piece of software that runs on the hardware (typically referred to as “firmware”) to provide enhanced extensibility together with the piece of software running on the cloud (for data management) are the integrated pieces of the IoT puzzle.

Early on, integrated development of hardware and software (herein, the term software is loosely used to include both firmware and software running on the cloud) is critical for faster innovation leading to quick identification of ideal product market fit. Let me now explain in a bit more detail how integrated development of hardware, firmware and cloud software can help in developing overall robust systems, through several analogies from our daily experience with our mobile phones (which are a perfect analogy to an IoT system connecting us “the things” to the internet).

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