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Maintaining a Start-Up: Bringing Your Business to the Next Phase

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Raising your own business with your own bare hands is an admirable feat. But don’t let the first few stable weeks go to your head. Now that you’re out of the unemployment gutter and officially your own boss, it’s time to consider moving past being a ‘start-up’ and finally establishing yourself as a business name that’s here to stay.

Surveying the local area for competitors

More and more entrepreneurs are looking towards being self-employed, and a good handful of them have grown past being freelancers to making their own brands in the business. If your start-up has managed to survive its first few months, then you might be ahead of the pack when it comes to relying on your wits.

Always be on the look-out for potential competitors for your services. It’s good to survey the business district in your local area if there are big-name establishments that you can look up to and take notes from, and it’s also smart to be in the buzz if any small-time business owners are looking to make their brand in your market. Scouting out what the big companies have that you don’t can lead to goals that you can aspire to while doing recon on start-ups who are in the same industry as yours could make you reassess your business practices, to ensure it works at its best potential.

Building your brand

It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and everything is practically fair game. If you want to make your brand well-known, then you have to commit to having a loyal customer base. Most services prefer to have a broader reach but fail to realise that the more significant aspect of expanding a business’ lifespan is in having dedicated customers. Increasing your quality of service to promote customer satisfaction could be your head start against similar companies that provide the same functions yours.


Considering expansion

Once you’ve already grown out of being a ‘young company’, it’s time to start turning your small business as a larger business. For retailing, it includes having multiple units and properties around the local area or purchasing prime lots of real state to expand your business’ growth rate. If you already have a vision of expanding, but you’re unsure of how much it’ll cost you, you can hire professional accountants in Central London to assess whether or not your business has the capacity, or the need, to expand.

Most business owners look at a leap in their profit and take the first chance at expansion while the market is hot. It’s not always the case when it comes to expanding your business. Bar and restaurant owners often look towards saving the excess profits for the regular ‘refurbishing’ that food joints usually do to attract and garner attention by having small renovations here and there in their venues. Sometimes less is more, and you have to thank the power of advertising that makes it possible to make small acts have a large following through the use of ad placement and social media buzz.

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