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So Long, Hardware: Tech Spending Sinks on Land, Soars in Cloud Computing

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Thinking about your company’s tech investments? How much of your thinking is up in the cloud? For many companies, the answer is: A great deal.

According to a 2015 RightScale survey of the latest cloud computing trends, 93 percent of the respondents reported adopting cloud services.

Eighty two percent of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy (i.e., a mix on-premises, private and third-party public cloud platforms), up from 74 percent in 2014.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, there is “a shift toward purchasing virtualized, digital services that replace physical equipment.”

The promise of technology all too frequently becomes the disappointment of technology. Sometimes that’s because the technology overpromises. But perhaps what is most often the case is the implementation of the technology wasn’t totally thought out and/or rightly executed.

If, to paraphrase The Rolling Stones, you want to get onto the cloud, here are some key considerations to ponder.

What Do You Want to Achieve Up in the Cloud?

Other than the fact that other companies are moving to the cloud, why are you thinking of jumping on the cloud as well? As The Open Group points out, there are many reasons why you’d want to consider adopting cloud computing, the main one being a greater flexibility.

Consider using the cloud if you’re looking to do any of the following:

  • Reduce/optimize IT expenses
  • Simplify IT infrastructure
  • Improve adaptability to address quickly changing business conditions and more rapidly support rapid go-to-market strategies
  • Provide remote “access from anywhere” capabilities
  • Improve employee and partner collaboration and productivity
  • Reduce carbon footprint by consolidating servers and using resources more efficiently with less energy expenditure

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