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Location-based services for the internet of things

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The power of the internet of things comes from extracting and mining process, business and customer data that are locked inside devices, machines and infrastructure. The results can boost productivity, lower costs and uncover new business opportunities.

IoT data repositories in most enterprises are siloed, depriving the enterprise of valuable insights that can be gleaned by mining broader data pools of contextual IoT data, such as location, users, devices and applications. However, with proper lifecycle cycle governance, this data can be safely and securely shared and that’s when the real benefits of IoT can be reaped.

Figure 1: Contextual data sources

Figure 1: Contextual data sources

From among the many types of available contextual data, location data are particularly valuable. That’s because location-based services enable us to answer three key questions that are applicable across a broad range of applications:

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