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Lisa Pope leaves Infor for Epicor

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Epicor has announced that Lisa Pope has joined Epicor as Executive Vice President of Sales for the Americas. The appointment comes at a time that Epicor are looking to focus their efforts on their cloud based ERP solution. This has been in existence for some time but only recently at the forefront of their marketing.

Pope, previously worked at Infor for three years as Senior Vice President, Global Strategy and Sales – CloudSuite and Value Engineering. She has also worked at QAD, Oracle and NCR. What is surprising is that there was almost no time between Pope leaving Infor and joining Epicor. It probably demonstrates three things, her value to Infor, her professionalism and her dedication to both her old and new role. She will be a big loss to Infor.

What are the reasons for Pope leaving Infor

This will be a blow to Charles Phillips, CEO at Infor and will leave a gap in the senior leadership team. Who will fill the role will be interesting to see. Though Phillips may feel that her job is done and each head of industry vertical can fulfil the same role, such as Corey Tollefson in retail.

For Pope we see several reasons why she joined Epicor. Her new role is more senior and she is reporting direct to Epicor President and Chief Executive Officer Joe Cowan. Interestingly the scope of her role is smaller and more focused. As she is now responsible for sales in the America’s, based out of Austin so there is going to be less international travel. The role at Infor was heavier in terms of long distance travel and was only going to increase.

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