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Limitless Digital Group chooses Adapt’s managed hybrid cloud

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London, July 4th 2016 – Limitless Digital Group, a leading digital retailer, has selected managed hybrid cloud service provider Adapt to help advance its digital commerce capabilities in line with ambitious growth plans. Limitless Digital Group (formerly Trueshopping Group), needed to create scale that would deliver against an ambitious business strategy, overhauling its existing ecosystem end-to-end – from website, eCommerce, CRM and ERP to data capture and analytics.

Infrastructure, applications and services needed to be re-provisioned to support future development to enable them to grow with the business and enable Limitless Digital Group to deliver a first class digital customer experience. The retailer also wanted the ability to improve customer interaction, collecting and utilising data assets more intelligently to maximise revenue opportunities.

Limitless Digital Groups principal objective was to create a partnership with a managed cloud provider that would keep their applications and workloads optimally deployed and deliver scale on tap as the business changes. The new solution will initially see CRM capability delivered via Adapt’s own private cloud, with the retailer’s eCommerce platform better suited to the natural webscale of Amazon’s AWS cloud. Over the lifespan of the relationship, Limitless Digital Group will also be free to move their applications and workloads between cloud platforms to give them ongoing flexibility as their business expands, based on budget and application performance priorities.

As an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, Adapt is well-placed to support Limitless Digital Groups AWS cloud debut, designing and managing the retailer’s business-critical eCommerce platform environment. Specialist teams will deliver the integrated service rollout across both platforms later this summer. The hybrid solution will then be managed and supported 24/7 by Adapt’s multi-cloud Managed Service Centre.

“Our objective is to ensure that we deliver a compelling, engaging digital retail experience for our customers which will scale as we grow,” explained Peter Lilley, Limitless Digital Group’s CEO. “Adapt’s cloud expertise, particularly around AWS, has allowed us to locate our revenue generating and business-critical applications and workloads on platforms best suited to their natural characteristics. Being able to blend the AWS and Adapt clouds in this way is an enormous advantage for us in terms of efficiency and performance. ”

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