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‘Would you like fries with that?’ The cloud wants to know

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Oracle’s fired up a cloud service that it says can automate and refine the question of whether you’d like fries with that when ordering food at a restaurant.

Big Red’s Hospitality wing has created new “Data Science Cloud Services” that include the “Oracle Hospitality Menu Recommendations Cloud Service”. That offering is designed to let multi-outlet hospitality organisations “seek the best possible up-sell or cross-sell options by location or time of day, with recommendations dynamically updating based on customer behavior. Assumptions around cross-sells and up-sells can be analyzed, leading to better understanding of guest behavior and preferences.”

Oracle’s ambition is to give customers of its Micros point of sale kit a way to tap into cloudy analytics so that the machines’ screens advise hospitality staff of the best possible offers to make customers when they order food or booze, or check into a hotel. As ever with cloudy offerings, Oracle reckons tapping into WYLFWTaaS* will get businesses to profit faster than would be possible if they tried to build or buy their own analytical tools. Of course there’s also a tasty new revenue stream for Oracle to sip as a result, on top of selling you the point of sale kit, maintaining it and offering retail applications.

The company’s also cooked up an “Oracle Hospitality Adaptive Forecasts Cloud Service” that “lets operators better predict stock and labor needs at every location” and will “minimize wasted inventory, lower labor costs and, most importantly, ensure an exceptional guest experience.”

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