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Lighting manufacturers and IoT companies form new alliance

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A range of lighting manufacturers, connected technology companies and industry groups have come together to form a new industry alliance.

The IoT-Ready Alliance is aimed at making the installation of Internet of Things technology in luminaires easier for now and in the foreseeable future.

It’s currently going through the process of creating new industry standards that can make LED lighting IoT-ready, facilitating the quick installation of connected sensors.

Like changing a lightbulb

The companies involved say they want to make installing IoT technology as easy as changing a lightbulb and to help building operators upgrade their lighting infrastructure easily.

The Alliance, they hope, will encourage more organizations to future-proof their premises as IoT technology continues to advance at a rapid rate.

According to the Alliance, lighting fixtures are ideal for carrying IoT technology in smart buildings. They can provide granular data and deliver electric power to the sensors.

However, today, many LED fixtures lack smart sensors. When an LED fixture is initially installed, adding additional sensors later on can be costly.

Cutting installation costs

Currently, LED fixtures last for around 15 years or more, while IoT and smart sensor technology is evolving rapidly. So IoT technology upgrades will almost certainly happen.

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