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Levtech Consulting offers Microsoft Dynamics AX, the best ERP solution in Dubai, UAE

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During the press meet held this week at Dubais most prominent hotel, the spokesperson of Levtech Consulting said that they specialize in offering Microsoft Dynamics AX solution for businesses of all types. This flagship ERP solution of Microsoft is carefully developed for offering agile solutions that are easy to use and can facilitate value addition to companies at present and in the future.

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Levtech is a gold certified partner and has offered more than 75 Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations to provide the organizations with better economic advantages and enjoy the experience as the global distributor while enjoying the attention of the best industrial consultants. According to the spokesperson of Levtech Consulting, their Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions have over 1000 advanced features and improvements in core ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning and other industry abilities. With this solution, the businesses across the Dubai region will be able to have a better value, improve agility and facilitate organizational insights. With this AX implementation, the businesses would enjoy several benefits, such as quicker adoption, instant upgrades, simplicity, wider usage and simple maintenance. However, their major focus lies on pervasive interoperability, which is the natural interaction processes taking place inside the business productivity applications of Microsoft as well as advanced IT infrastructure technology to help the businesses have a better competitive edge and offer excellent power to the workforce for anticipating and embracing the changes.

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