Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

Periscope is a recognized application characterized by live video streaming. Seamlessly integrated with Twitter, it was launched in 2015 with a complete range of features. The most distinctive features that make it stand out amidst the competition prevailing in the sector are private broadcasting nd replaying highlights. This application is the brainchild of Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. It is great to capture moments, feelings and emotions. This app allows one to do the same effortlessly. Be it a quick sports match moment or a breathtaking view, it is great to capture it. But the moment gets even more special if we can share it with our near and dear ones. It is special to tell our friends and family of the different things we do. Some people aspire to become social media stars and this application has immense potential for the same. Capture yourself and things that you like. This will spark an interest amongst the users towards the work you do, your personality will catch attention. That is when you can use this application to become a social media star. This is where Periscope is effortlessly unmatchable. People get notified when their friends and family start a live video. They get to be a part of the video by sharing their comments.We are accustomed to use the small screen for all our applications. But the great news is that you do not have to strain your eyes trying to watch great experiences on your little screen. Rather you can very well watch it on your computer. Yes, Periscope can be easily downloaded on your computer and thus enhance your complete experience. This will not only save your eyes from the strain but also end up helping you get a better and clearer video.

Firstly, this application is suitable for all Windows, Linux and Mac. So you do not have to worry if your PC will have Periscope working on it or not. You just need to type this and the web app will open. The best part is that the user interface of the web app is very much the same as the mobile app. This makes it easy for you to work on it and enjoy the experience. You can view your video on the entire computer screen by opting for full screen. This is possible by clicking F11 hotkey. You can interact with your near and dear ones all around the world with this application and that too on your computer, with its wide screen offering clear view.

People use this app for becoming popular on social media. They use this to show their interests and thus their personality attracts many followers, making them a social media star. thus you can either add public live streaming videos or even maintain your privacy by sharing only with your near and dear ones. For this, you just to create a private broadcast group and you are set to go. What if due to being occupied in some work, you miss a live streaming video, no worries. You have a replay version that makes you happily replay and watch the missed videos. Searching people is also an easy task. Just write their topics on which they generally stream or the location. . The best part is that the user interface of the web app is very much the same as the mobile app. So you do not have to be dicey whether you can comfortably use the application or whether you will face any issue to adapt to the changed interface. This makes it easy for you to work on it and enjoy the experience. The whole idea for which one plans to use an application generally is to enjoy their usage and entertain them. Both of which is fulfilled with this application, also connecting you will the world.  You can connect to twitter via this app was well since this is a baby company acquired by twitter. Thus this app can also be your gateway to receiving better viewership on your twitter platform.

Apart from this there is an installing version as well, which you can download on your computer. With the help of emulator you need to download the same. It is absolutely up to you whether you need to download or you want to use the web application. But Periscope app on your computer will definitely help you get a larger and better version of live streamed videos.

Thus, this live video streaming application on your computer comes with a complete set of amazing features and benefits. Some of the most exciting features include:

  • You can easily connect with your friends, family, and relatives using the interface.
  • It also can connect you to the entire world and you can make a mark of yourself.
  • With the similar interface on phone and computer, you can have a better transition to the computer app. This will make you have an enriching experience with larger screen and more space.
  • You can capture videos and live stream it and watch yourself well on your computer along with checking out the instant viewers and replies from the people watching your video.
  • You can search and browse for any broadcasts through the search filter of location or topic.
  • It has an incredible feature known as ‘Replay Highlights’ that enables you to watch the highlights of your favorite live stream that you missed.
  • You can instantly share all your live video streams to all your friends and with public through social media platforms.
  • You also have an option of broadcasting on a privately with certain specific friends and followers.

L tour to a real time application with all its wondrous applications and host of benefits is there to entice the users of the digital age. Periscope and your computer make a good combination and a convenient app in terms of ease of installation and usage as well.

By Sohel Ather

Sohel Ather is Guest blogger; He focuses on actionable and unique ideas that can be used to grow your business and make a real difference for your customers.

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