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Leading telcos launch global cyber security alliance

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Telefonica, SoftBank, Etisalat and Singtel have signed an agreement to create the first global telco cyber security partnership.


The Global Telco Security Alliance has been launched in response to growing cyber security concerns and the requirement to protect valuable assets from ransom and malware attacks in a time where security has become increasingly complex.

The Alliance will be one of the largest global partnerships with more than 1.2 billion customers in over 50 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

The group will aim to help support and offer companies a comprehensive portfolio of cyber security services drawing on their combined resources and capabilities.

Members of the Alliance hope to achieve operational synergies and economies of scale that they say will ultimately lower costs for their customers.

The group’s founding members operate 22 security operations centres (SOC) with more than 6,000 cyber security experts employed.

In a statement, the Alliance said it plans to enhance its cyber security portfolio with the possibility of developing new technologies including predictive analytics using machine learning (ML) and advanced cyber security for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Alliance will also consider developing a joint roadmap for the evolution of its security portfolios and explore joint investments in security products and services, SOCs, platforms, start-ups and R&D.

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Article credit: IBC

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