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Lead Nurturing With Your CRM

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Lead Nurturing CRM

Lead Nurturing CRM

Lead Nurturing CRM-Getting leads through your website and other marketing efforts can be hard. Only good content and a compelling message are enough to breakthrough the litany of ads and competing marketing to resonate with a potential client. Good quality leads that are generated through customer referrals, website traffic, and external marketing are hard enough to get in the first place, you don’t want to lose any potential sales to poor follow up.

You have a CRM…. USE IT

Using a CRM system to ensure that leads generated have an account person assigned to them is key to ensuring that every lead generated through your website will be vetted and pushed through your sales funnel appropriately. Having all leads flow through your CRM system also ensures that your sales process doesn’t have a single point of failure. Someone being out sick, being on vacation, maternity/paternity, or leaving the company can potentially create a gap that can leave quality leads without anyone to follow up on them. So, the first thing that needs to be done is that your website needs good forms that capture enough information on your leads for you to know something meaningful about them for your follow up conversation. Depending on the size of your sales team, you might also ask for regional information or company size. Some of those metrics can be used by your CRM system to automatically deliver regional or company size specific leads directly to the appropriate contact person without human intervention.

Another thing that you might want to consider when setting up a lead flow funnel from website leads is an automation system. Almost any modern CRM system that you can buy on the market today gives you the option to set up lead flow systems. Many of the most basic lead flow automations consist of something very simple like a bounce back email after someone submits a form requesting information from you website that just confirms receipt to the client and ensures that someone will be in contact with them soon. More in-depth forms of automation are also beneficial, as well, especially if your company puts out an assortment of whitepapers or case studies on a regular basis. It can help to keep colder leads inside of your funnel for longer and to continue to prove the benefits that your company can provide.

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