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Key IoT Trends Observed in 2018

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2018 continues to see several key trends in IoT. Those shifts include the mass adoption of IoT platforms, the intensification of the data revolution, and the recognition of major security challenges in IoT solutions.

 IoT Trends

IoT Trends

IoT Trends- Gartner predicted 8.4 billion connected “things” across industries and verticals back at the beginning of 2017. Today, Statista more than doubles that number and registers as many as 20 billion IoT devices around the world. These numbers only confirm that the Internet of Things (IoT) remains one of the biggest game-changers and trends in 2018.

In 2017, there was some significant news associated with IoT. Hundreds of startups that make IoT revolution possible receive billions of dollars in funding. Governments and world organizations adopt disruptive IoT innovations in the context of Industry 4.0. Leading IoT software platform providers strengthen their standing and introduce fundamentally new solutions and strategies to integrate IoT across industries and markets.

In 2018 we see the expansion of IoT. It’s scaling to tackle major issues in numerous fields.

Here are the key trends observed in 2018.

1: Massive Adoption of IoT Platforms

According to The Forrester Wave, business infrastructure and operations professionals are quickly realizing the opportunities IoT makes possible. The research confirms that 60 percent of decision-makers already use or planning to use IoT-enabled applications over the next two years, from building connected products to transforming operational processes.

However, the adoption of IoT at the dawn of the regulation and standardization of emerging technology and protocols is complicated. Often it seems as though we’re going in blind. According to The Forester Wave, today’s decision-makers have to deal with “fragmented sets of hardware, protocols, software, applications, and analytics solutions.” These issues persistently slow down IoT adoption.

At the same time, strong IoT software platforms by IBM, Amazon, Cisco, GE, and other giants offer multitier solutions that simplify the design, creation, integration, and management of IoT infrastructure and enterprise data. These multifunctional solutions address the remaining issues and help companies and governments build, secure, connect and manage IoT-enabled technology at large scale.

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