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The Key To How AI Can Help Us Be Healthier

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Can AI make us healthier, happier, better? That’s the question on everyone’s minds these days.  If engineers continue to program AI to take away our jobs and our need to utilize our capacity for deductive reasoning and common sense, then the answer is clearly NO. Human beings thrive on being challenged. It develops will, intelligence, adaptability whether we recognize that fact or not. On the other hand, with an upsurge in health tech that uses AI to monitor our health systems and our sleep, the answer is YES. The real answers, lie with those who go beyond such pro/con conversations and look at the ethics of AI like The International Neuroethics Society or look at the human code and technical code as collaborative and operating on similar principles like Liza Lichtinger. Liza is a unique hybrid: psychologist, wellness pioneer and a computer code developer. It’s a combo that makes her uniquely qualified to live her mission as a futurist who shows companies CEO’s and Engineering teams how to design AI in ways that provide maximum health for people who use their products.

It’s one of those flawless Indian Summer days as I pull up to the beautiful, white 1920s style Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose for the SAND Conference which stands for Science and Nonduality and brings together some of the brightest minds in bioengineering, health, computer sciences and spirituality to share ideas, tips and concerns across platforms.  I’ve come to interview Liza who is working on character development and personality scripting with Hanson Robotics and the Institute of Noetic Sciences on the AI for a Wellness Coach Robot named Sophia. When finished, one of her capabilities will be guiding people through meditation, amongst many other things.

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Article Credit: Forbes

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