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Just look at the state of AI today. Literally, look. There’s a report on it – plus more ML news

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Roundup Welcome to this week’s AI roundup – a mix of news and links beyond what we’ve already published this week.

State of AI: Time to get clued up on artificial intelligence. Two investors interested in machine learning have put together a review of today’s technologies, and how it will shape our future.

Nathan Benaich, a venture partner for Point Nine Cap, and Ian Hogarth, ex-CEO of Songkick, have published a comprehensive presentation about how AI is progressing, and chart the biggest developments from the past year.

Experts are keen to track to see how the field is advancing since it has far reaching impacts on everything from products to politics.

The dossier is split into four sections discussing research, in terms of hardware and algorithms; talent, which companies and countries are in the lead; industry, which areas are heavily investing in AI; and politics; the potential effects of automation and the AI arms race.

You can read it right here.

Disney + AI: Did you know Disney was into neural-network software? The Mickey Mouse researchers have published a paper detailing how reinforcement learning can be used to train a robot with multiple legs.

The most interesting thing about it is that the control policies developed through the learning process are all carried out by the robot’s onboard hardware: a computer packing a 3.4GHz Intel Core i7 processor.

“This environment facilitates the reinforcement learning process by computing the rewards using a vision-based tracking system and relocating the robot to the initial position using a resetting mechanism,” the paper’s abstract stated.

Read More Here

Article Credit: The Register

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