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Jobs in IoT

One of the best jobs of future or best it jobs will be in Internet of Things (IoT). One of the best methods to build a career in IoT is to start your own research on the jobs and skills needed in IoT and find the roles offered. Then work backwards to grow your skills in the area of your interest from the various jobs available. Remember, IoT market is maturing fast and corporates are becoming more clear on their IoT needs. So now is the time to grow your skills.



Jobs in IoT

Remember, IoT market is maturing fast and corporates are becoming more clear on their IoT needs. So now is the time to grow your skills.

As per Beecham Research “IoT is not just about monitoring the functioning of the devices such as coffee machines, but also about predictive maintenance offered as a service because of the data gathered over time and also about having an updated view of the stock and of the consumption behaviour for specific products. That enables predictive analysis on production and consumption because of the data gathered over time.”

IoT Projects follow the same pattern and life cycle like any other IT project; for example starting from from early prototyping to full implementation. Like any other technology,

Some of the following key jobs are: –

1) Software Development Engineer (IoT Devices) /IoT Consultant

A software IoT Engineer is someone who keeps the ability to develop IoT related solution blueprints by combining edge device, compute, storage, networking, software and services for it’s clients. An Iot Consultant should be able to deliver the Proof of Concept (POCs) and end-to-end full lifecycle IoT solutions

The expected skills and experience are
  • Experience with IoT infrastructure and technologies. (Infrastructure can be classified in typically 4 stages)
    • Stage 1 – networked things, typically wireless sensors and actuators.
    • Stage 2 includes sensor data aggregation systems and analog-to-digital data conversion.
    • In Stage 3, edge IT systems perform preprocessing of the data before it moves on to the data center or cloud.
    • Finally, in Stage 4, the data is analyzed, managed, and stored on traditional back-end data center systems.
  • Experience with IoT platforms. IoT platorms could be of Microsoft Azure IoT, Google Pub Sub, Amazon AWS IoT, Kaa, ThingWorx, Lumada, SAP Leonardo, Oracle IoT etc.
  • Understanding of IoT use cases for the relevant industry (manufacturing or retail for example). A manufacturing example could be such as energy monitoring, predictive maintenance, product quality monitoring, worker safety monitoring, etc
  • If the developer has hands on experience as a software developer in cloud-enabled and products and cloud technologies it will help him in the job
  • Significant expertise in cloud technologies and in building RESTful APIs to power cloud and web services is required.
  • Experience in Test Automation frameworks and Test-Driven Development practices
  • Experience in Big Data technologies (e.g. Storm, Spark, Kafka, Flume etc.)

2) IoT Sales Consultant

Like any other information technology jobs in the area of sales there are jobs as IoT Sales Consultant.   Any IT Sales Consultant can expand his sales portfolio by adding IoT into his profile. IoT Sales Consultant is mainly expected to set the strategy to build the IoT Solutions business for their clients and create the Go-To-Market plan for the business by identifying effective channel/partners (Just like any IT sales exec)

3) IoT Product Director/Manager

An IT Manager, IoT Manager can expland his portfolio to an IoT Product Director and relevant positions. He/She will be expected to provide direction to the business on it’s IT (Internet of Things strategy in this case) and implementation

4) Iot Front End Developer

An IoT Front End Developer is expected to have JavaScript skills, Solid HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript experience, Commercial or extensive personal React / Redux (Redux is an open-source JavaScript library) experience, User Interface Design experience, Agile, JS Testing experience, AWS, Serverless, Node.js and IoT experience

Hope you now have some idea on the kinds of jobs currently available in the market on IoT.  There are various IoT Trainings accessible online, IoT has great future so start your learning now. You can also start parallel learning while being on your current job.

As IBM says , the big barrier to Industries is imagination. Industries who will win are those that embrace new tech – using IoT in conjunction with other technologies to create brand differentiating experiences based on new insights. Leading industries are finding new ways to interact and we must find new experiences for our customers to keep them loyal.  You can be a part of these leading industries, just get the right IoT skills.

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