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Jimmy Choo Finds the Perfect Fit for First UK Electronic AGM

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Lumi AGM Mobile enables landmark meeting

Liphook, UK, 19th July 2016 – Lumi AGM Mobile has facilitated the UK’s first electronic AGM held by a listed company. Registrar Equiniti introduced the platform to enable its client, Jimmy Choo PLC, the British luxury brand specialising in shoes and accessories, to make the event accessible to all shareholders, regardless of their location.

Shareholders located across the globe were able to take part in the electronic meeting, asking questions and voting on resolutions using the AGM Mobile platform. This could be downloaded onto any smartphone or tablet, or reached via a PC browser, with access protected by a secure authentication process. This ensured that only those who traditionally would have been able to enter the physical meeting could access the platform and vote.

After accessing AGM Mobile, users reached a home page branded with Jimmy Choo’s logo which provided them with a single access point for the AGM presentation slides as well as a resolution by resolution approach to voting which was both flexible and legally robust.

Peter Harf, Chairman of Jimmy Choo PLC, commented: “We are very pleased with the outcome of this process, which achieved its aim of broadening shareholder access to our AGM in the most convenient way possible. This was in good part due to our technology partner’s innovative approach to modernising the traditional AGM.”

Equiniti has used Lumi’s well-established AGM system for over a decade. Guy Wakeley, CEO of Equiniti, said: “This demonstrates Equiniti is on the front foot when it comes to technology and innovation and further evidence why we are recognised as the No1 AGM team within the industry. It is fantastic to be credited with not only a significant step forward in the use of technology but also a watershed moment for the standards of UK corporate governance. Use of this technology will not only lighten the burden on companies but also improve engagement with shareholders by making AGMs more accessible.

Richard Taylor, CEO, Lumi Technologies agreed: “Many listed companies find it is no longer feasible to expect their shareholders and institutional investors to travel across the globe to attend an AGM. We are sure that electronic meetings will be held increasingly in the future, especially now such reliable and secure mobile technology is available.”

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