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Is your enterprise making these mobile apps mistakes?

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Mobile technology has become as much a part of the enterprise as emails, conference calls and workers spending too much time on Facebook. But mobile statistics compiled by Nithin Rao at Business2Community not only dramatically underscore the scope of enterprise mobile use, they highlight ongoing challenges facing IT professionals and developers.

  • 61% of enterprises have a mobile site or have redesigned their existing site for mobile
  • Total enterprise applications optimized for mobility will quadruple next year

If your enterprise’s website hasn’t been “mobilized” yet, I guarantee it’s already costing the business. Mobile users are much more likely to abandon a site that’s difficult to navigate, and that’s what they’re dealing with when you present them with a site designed for computer screens. The same argument holds for enterprise apps; if they don’t work on mobile devices, they simply won’t get used. How do we know that?…

  • Nearly 80% of enterprise mobile apps are abandoned after just a single use

Make no mistake, there’s only one reason for this appalling failure rate: The apps in question simply don’t do what employees need them to do. That’s borne out another stat: Nearly two-thirds (64%) of mobile workers cite “poor user experience as the reason for rarely using enterprise mobile apps,” Rao writes.

Then there’s this: One in three businesses said they never test their mobile apps. Gee, what could happen? Well, at least the largest enterprises are on top of things! Oh, wait: It seems that 40% of large companies do not adequately secure mobile apps built for customers.

Mobile presents fantastic opportunities to enterprises when executed properly. That means doing things the mobile way, for mobile users. Recycled development and design ideas aren’t going to cut it, as the ever-expanding graveyard of useless enterprise mobile apps should tell you. And security can’t be a mobile apps afterthought.

Is your enterprise making these fundamental mobile mistakes?

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