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Ipswitch WhatsUp® Gold 2016 Sets New Standard for IT Monitoring Flexibility, Customer-Friendly Pricing and Value

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New WhatsUp Gold Release with TotalView Enables IT Teams to Monitor and Securely Control Applications, Network Devices, Servers, Storage and Network Traffic with One Software License

London, UK, 25th April, 2016 – Ipswitch, the leader in easy to try, buy and use IT management software, today announced the launch of its new Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2016 unified infrastructure and application monitoring software. WhatsUp Gold 2016 gives modern IT teams the ability to monitor their entire environment with one piece of cost-effective software. It also delivers the flexibility to adapt monitoring approaches based on changing business priorities without the need to re-evaluate and purchase new licenses. By enabling IT teams to monitor and manage their entire environment with one simple license, customers get the maximum value out of their investment without the waste, headaches and complex artificial license limitations imposed by other vendors.

88% of IT professionals are dissatisfied with their current monitoring approach and 78% are challenged to secure the budget needed to meet business goals, according to a recent international survey of 1,700 IT professionals entitled, “The State of Monitoring 2016.” Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2016 alleviates both of these problems with a single flexible software product that provides a unique total view of the entire network and gives IT teams secure control of business transactions, applications and infrastructure. This enables IT teams to:

  • Find and fix performance problems
  • Monitor critical applications and infrastructure
  • Optimise bandwidth utilisation
  • Manage network configurations

“I like that WhatsUp Gold 2016 allows me to optimise my under-utilised licenses and use them for features I don’t own today.”, says Dan Hochman, Manager of Information Technology at ArQule. “With TotalView and the new point tiers, I can enhance the monitoring capabilities for our infrastructure while controlling license costs.”

“IT teams need to instantly know what is happening with their entire infrastructure; their jobs are too demanding to constantly jump from one IT management tool to another,” said Austin O’Malley, Chief Product Officer at Ipswitch. “The new WhatsUp Gold 2016 not only gives IT teams a single, comprehensive view of their network, servers, applications and storage devices, but the new TotalView pricing model removes hassles by including all of the important features in one simple package. This means IT teams can focus on keeping their organisations running smoothly and not worry about complicated purchase decisions, waste, or licensing issues.”

WhatsUp Gold 2016 Editions
Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2016 is now available in easy to purchase editions that allow IT teams to choose the solution that best fits their requirements:

  • ProView – Core network monitoring capabilities for environment of all sizes plus advanced monitoring including wireless and in-depth server monitoring
  • TotalView – Includes all ProView features, plus virtualisation (VM) monitoring, application performance monitoring (APM), storage monitoring, and network traffic analysis (NTA)
  • TotalView Plus – The highest-value edition includes all the functionality of TotalView as well as configuration management and additional pollers to scale to the largest networks

David Perkins, Sales Manager at Level 8 Solutions, WhatsUp Gold Partner Of The Year, commented, “Many of our customers come to us having previously over-spent and under utilised multiple monitoring tools. They are frustrated with the lack of flexibility to shift monitoring priorities. WhatsUpGold 2016 from Ipswitch changes this by giving IT teams the monitoring flexibility they need to support 24/7 business critical applications, services and infrastructure while avoiding overbuying and waste.”

WhatsUp Gold 2016 New Features
In addition to the new flexible and scaleable licensing options, WhatsUp Gold 2016 also offers a number of new features to allow IT teams to easily manage IT complexity, including:

  • Flexible, Scaleable Licensing – Makes it easy to purchase a solution that optimises value for any use case and easily monitor any and all devices and applications without complex licensing and the need for additional expenditures
  • NetApp Storage Monitoring – Extends visibility keeping IT teams ahead of storage device problems
  • Improved Security – Now HTTPS content and SSL monitors support TLS 1.2, giving IT teams the ability to monitor the most secure protocol for compliance requirements such as PCI
  • Improved MIB Walker Performance – A faster MIB walker loads large MIB files in seconds, rather than minutes. An improved tree view makes it easier to navigate between the different levels of the MIB file when exploring the MIB hierarchy

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