Mon. Mar 22nd, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The IoT Tech Expo North America 2016, which is taking place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley will open its doors from 8:30am on October 20th for two days of top level content, discussion, case studies, networking, live demo’s and more.

There are plenty of dynamic panel discussions over across the two days covering the entire IoT ecosystem and here are just a few snapshots of the key verticals the expo covers.

Automation, advanced manufacturing and the workforce.

2pm, October 20th, Connected Industry track.

Join representatives from EDF Energy, Convetit, Clearblade and Momenta Partners to discuss digital labour, new factory concepts, and a manufacturing model that uses the full capabilities of the IIoT.

Future directions for the IoT in insurance.

10.50am, October 20th, Connected Services track.

CRC Farm Bureau, Aite and Acord get together with other insurance innovators to discuss how to drive more customer value through IoT innovation, the importance of data transparency and importantly – what can the insurance industry learn from other industries’ IoT experience?

Raising the bar – can IoT improve our fitness and performance?

12pm, October 21st, Wearables track.

Where do wearables go next? Speakers from YouGov US, Lumo and Sensoria discuss the convergence of sport and tech, the latest in smart fabrics and examine the challenges and future connectivity.

Connected cars, autonomous driving and the future of mobility.

4.10pm, October 21st, Connected Living track.

Innovators from GeoTab and Navigant join speakers from Ford, Renault and Panasonic to detail all the latest developments in the IoT automotive space. They’ll discuss immediate issues such as progress in vehicle design alongside more fundamental questions of how we will perceive mobility in the future, and what the IoT means for the future of the transport ecosystem.

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