In the last 5 years, IoT startups have grabbed attention and have over 5000 IoT startups listed. A whopping sum of $12.5B has been put into IoT startups worldwide in the last 5 years by the investor community (CB Insights). My recent articles (hyperlinked) have covered in detail the investments that have happened in 2016-17 across sectors both globally and as well as in India in both vertical markets and horizontal technologies. This article focuses on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) and IPOs of IoT Startups.

The first big takeaway from the 500 Startup map was that IoT is a global phenomenon with no seeming concentration in any geography, unlike Silicon Valley being first, in the past. Many of these startups are getting regional traction with customers and funding from regional investors. Many startups are Me-Toos if you compare and contrast against the entire global pool, but focused on specific geographies (too early to go global).

While few mega-consolidations have happened, a significant number of the 100 odd exits of IoT startups in 2016-2017 came primarily from the so-called non-tech sector companies, including utility companies, operators, automation companies, industrial houses, insurance companies and even toy and food companies.

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