Sun. Jan 24th, 2021

Cities are tired of being the “guinea pigs” caught in the middle of the Internet of Things’ ongoing standards bunfight, London’s LPWA conference was told this morning.

“They want to see something that actually works. So far, they haven’t seen much,” shrugged Silver Spring Networks’ Itai Dadon during a panel discussion about IoT standards.

Others reckoned that the wider world of IoT standards would eventually sort itself out. Svetlana Grant of the GSMA international trade association added: “We are waiting to see what use cases [evolving current standards] are targeted at. Potentially I think the market will tell us and the market will guide us through that.

“We have not only diversification for standards for the network but how specifications are written and what kind of APIs are going to be used on the edge or in the cloud, for example. There’s such a variety of choices that I can’t help but feel sorry for developers on how much confusion there is out there.”

The overriding theme of Tuesday’s discussions was not only the fragmentation of standards but the prevailing “wait and see” attitude as both telcos and wider industry sit around hedging their bets, wondering which of the plethora of licensed and unlicensed spectrum IoT connectivity standards will reign supreme. When challenged to describe what the IoT standards world will look like in five years, even the panel considering that very question demurred, saying it was too hard to tell.

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