The Internet of Things has ballooned into something that everyone knows about in some way or form. In recent years this has exploded into an industry all its own. The technological innovation of cloud computing and direct access has made its way into our everyday lives. We have all gotten used to seeing our information wherever we are and being able to access it whenever we want to.

All of our vehicles and televisions now have monitors in them that relay information to the companies from which they originated so that they can better develop new devices and machines. We now have our telephones connected to spectrum so that we are never without data or our personal information. The benefits of having this technology boils down to streamlining our everyday lives and making them easier. The technology has so many interested developers and individuals involved that the growth of the platform will far exceed any other technology in the coming year.

The year 2018 will see an incredible amount of innovations that use the Internet of Things to converge technologies and create a network ecosystem that is fully inclusive and far-reaching. Whether we like it or not, all of our devices are communicating to each other and with their parent companies. In a way, this means our devices are constantly talking and letting companies know what we are up to. The Internet of Things is not something to fear however, it is in fact something that can completely change our lives for the better so that we are always informed and always in control.

The first thing we will see in IoT is the expansion of the technology into every sector and industry. As of right now, it is primarily seen in the technology industry and drives a lot of AI development. What we will see this year is the expansion from personal devices to public communication. This means, in simple terms, that our personal devices will be able to communicate with entities or public devices.

The most direct example of this would be an interconnected refrigerator talking to a local grocery store to place an order for food items that are needed or missing from its contents. This, in a sense, will simplify and automate large facets of our lives so that we are not stuck doing mundane things or accidentally forgetting something important.

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Article Credit: IOT Evolution

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