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IoT platform takes apartments into the cloud in Stockholm

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Swedish property management company Stockrose is using the internet of things (IoT) in the cloud to provide real-time data on water, heating and electricity consumption for tenants and their landlords.

Across the European Union (EU), a push to improve energy efficiency of buildings is opening doors for new ‘smart building’ ventures.

“The [energy efficiency] market today is extremely fragmented,” Richard Lind, CEO of Stockrose, told Computer Weekly.

“There are a lot of small players that just do individual point measurements, some do electricity, some heating, and no one really does water. But nobody was doing it as a service.”

This is what Stockrose aims to offer with its buildings-as-a-service concept, which is mainly targeted towards owners of large apartment buildings and municipalities. The platform uses a hybrid of on-premises and cloud infrastructure, built on Microsoft’s Azure IoT suite, to collect and process sensor data on individual apartments and buildings’ resource usage.

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