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Using a mix of IoT, ICT, electronics and telecom, this startup is creating an ecosystem of solutions for smart urban living

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IoT, ICT, electronics

IoT, ICT, electronics

Want to report an issue with a public toilet? Or maybe you want to appreciate how efficiently the parking lot at the metro station is being managed?

This Mumbai-headquartered startup is enabling citizens in 105 cities across states like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh to do just that, in real time.

Using an IoT-based phygital platform, citizens can provide direct feedback on services like public toilets, metro parking lots, parks, and public hospitals, and institutions can monitor their third-party service providers. Since its launch in December 2016, Gaia’s Smart Feedback platform has recorded more than 24 million user-generated feedback data points. This data is already helping municipal governments manage their distributed last mile service delivery more efficiently. The IoT-based smart feedback system has been deployed at metro stations, railway stations, and office facilities, and is being extended across business segments like airports, and retail spaces.

This is just one instance which illustrates how Gaia, a data automation and analytics startup, is leveraging civic tech and urban tech solutions to address challenges in business and urban ecosystems.

Gaia prides itself on being the largest IoT-enabled feedback company in India, bringing together multiple IoT and digital data streams onto a single platform. User generated IoT and digital feedback is used for participative governance monitoring and consumer experience analytics.  Sensor generated feedback is used for process and infrastructure monitoring in distributed environments.  These ‘smart’ solutions use a common hardware and software stack. Gaia’s solutions provide real time insights, data-driven alerts, and historical patterns, which enable clients to monitor, manage, and improve their operations, experience, supply chain, performance, and service delivery.

When a passionate team and best of technology come together

Dr Sumit D Chowdhury, Gaia’s Founder and CEO says, “Our end-to-end solutions collect user generated and sensor generated data streams, giving real-time visibility into the typically opaque last mile infrastructure. Our robust and scalable cloud platform uses deep analytics, Artificial Intelligence(AI), big data, fraud analytics, and visualisation to provide actionable insights for rapid response and systemic changes.”

A global authority on telecom, electronics and information systems and solutions for Smart Cities, Sumit explains how Gaia combines IT, electronics and telecommunications to drive digital transformation, and create a distinctive USP and competitive edge for Gaia. “We create an IoT virtual network allowing devices with different communication and load characteristics to connect and communicate to backend infrastructure seamlessly. We think like a telco, in terms of large scale mission critical infrastructure. We apply concepts learnt in the telecom IT domain and create unique electronic products,” he says.

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