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IoT heading for mass adoption by 2019

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A new global study published by Aruba today, has revealed that IoT will soon be widespread, as 85% of businesses plan to implement the technology by 2019.

This has been driven by a need for innovation and business efficiency, compounded by better-than-expected business results.

While the analysis confirms the clear business benefits from investments in IoT, the report cautioned that connecting thousands of things to existing business networks has already resulted in security breaches for the majority of organizations.

The research questioned 3,100 IT and business decision makers across 20 countries to evaluate the current state of IoT and its impact across different industries.

The study showed that while virtually all business leaders (98%) have an understanding of IoT, many are unclear of the exact definition of IoT and what it means for their business.

In his new eBook technology visionary Kevin Ashton — who supposedly coined the term ‘Internet of Things’ — presents the following definition:

“The ‘Internet of Things’ means sensors connected to the Internet and behaving in an Internet-like way by making open, ad hoc connections, sharing data freely and allowing unexpected applications, so computers can understand the world around them and become humanity’s nervous system.”

The expectations dividend

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