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What is IOT? Why is everyone talking about it? What should I know about it?

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What is IOT? Why is everyone talking about it? What should I know about it?


If you had these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. IOT is a simple but powerful idea that can transform almost every aspect of our lives. Be it our day to day activities or our professions or even quality of living, IOT is poised to change it all for the better.


IOT or Internet of things is simple electronic devices connected to a network of other such devices. Unlike normal internet which is just for computers, IOT connects anything from clocks to entire buildings. This lets us do so much more than before. Let us move on to the technical details of how IOT works.


IOT shares the basic principles of any communication system. You can connect devices to a network by attaching a small computer called a microcontroller. This computer is programmed to carry out the following tasks:

  • Set an IP address for the device for internet communication.
  • Gather data from external and internal sources.
  • Send the data through the internet to an IOT platform.


This IOT platform is just another computer that analyses the data and acts accordingly. It could instruct the device on further operations or store the data for inspection. This is the basic outline of any IOT system.


Any electronic device can be connected to the network of things. This includes everyday items you use like switches and electronic locks to industrial machines. The best part is that they communicate without the need of human management. This means many operations can be automated. Machines can repair themselves by communicating with a master computer. Simple switches don’t need to be manually turned on or off; they can decide for themselves! Our homes could turn smart!


The possibilities are truly endless. IOT will never cease to get better and deeper.

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