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Greenwave started about 7 years ago, focusing on smart energy projects, which is why you see the name Greenwave. At that time it was more about looking at what the interesting areas were where we could help utility companies reduce their costs and improve customer satisfaction by helping their customers manage their own costs. We did a number of projects on Smart Cities and smart utilities in Europe and Australia. Of course, along with the way, the opportunity was larger because IoT started to take shape, so we evolved the company along those lines and we started focusing around IoT initially in the residential space, and also in the enterprise space as well. I joined the company seven months ago and now we’re looking to grow the business in Asia Pacific.  We want to see where the opportunities lie in the residential space and enterprise space, what partnerships we need to strike in order to be successful, things of that nature.

Public-private partnerships are increasingly common, given the age of IoT where both parties are keen to leverage on the immense business and service opportunities with the development of IoT. With EDBI an STT as key investors in the company, what opportunities do you see in working closely with the public sector? Public sector projects, in general, tend to be quite large, especially in places like Singapore where the government is keen on making the concept of smart city all-pervasive. We have typically stayed away from large government initiatives because that’s the domain of large companies, like IBM, where you have very strong understanding of how the public sector works and how to manage those relationships.

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