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IoT early adopters: Imagining success on the journey into the unknown

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has been making waves in the worlds of both technology and business for a number of years now. According to Gartner, by 2020 there will be upwards of 12 billion smart devices installed and connected by consumers alone, four times the amount we see today. Across both consumer and enterprise markets, Gartner estimate that there will be over 20 billion devices in use, this would give the IoT market a valuation of roughly $3 trillion.

In business those who make the first move into these bold new areas are typically the ones who benefit the most. By utilising new technologies, companies are able to gain an edge over the competition though there are often teething problems that come with this.

Colin I‘Anson, HPE’s EMEA Chief Technologist, told CBR: “You’ve got to know in early adoption how your business is going to benefit, if you can see it then you suddenly get first mover advantage.

“Yes, hand holding is needed during those first stages, people have to get used to it. The operating environment and existing IT departments have to get used to it. The first people who come in and say ‘yes, this can make a change to my business’ are the ones who are making the profits.”

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