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How IoT is driving innovation

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Many talk about and plan for an Internet of Things (IoT) future, but they don’t truly understand the true power of its capabilities. Predictions suggest that IoT will have as much impact on human lives, governments, businesses and institutions as the harnessing of water for steam power, the discovery of electricity and the computer age had on the generations before us. In other words, IoT will, and is already beginning to, transform the world around us in a way that will impact our daily lives.

We plan for a future where a worldwide network of sensors will one day give enterprises across the globe a new way of operating. Sensors will be connected via wireless technology to computers that then analyse the data, offering more insight and visibility into how people, devices, and systems are working together. We call this the Intelligent Enterprise.

Consumers are poised and ready for such IoT innovation – eagerly buying smart and connected products like washing machines and thermostats. However, while they tactfully plan for an IoT future, they’ve failed to realise it’s already arrived. IoT is already impacting and reshaping the enterprise landscape and to stay on top of the present and prepare for the future, enterprises must figure out how to connect and manage these devices and networks. Leveraging the power of these partnerships, organisations need to identify the best tactics to benefit business processes and create new experiences for their employees, customers, partners and all stakeholders.

The new reality is that access to real-time data – from people, processes and devices through sensors connected to the internet – is revolutionising the way we interact with each other and our world. This visibility into what is going on, right now, is game-changing, and we are already seeing innovation across all of the core sectors.

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