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IoT: The blind spots in your network

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From coffee machines and fridges, to virtual assistants and video cameras, consumers and businesses alike are embracing a new wave of connected devices, with Gartner estimating that 20.4 billion IoT devices will be in use worldwide by 2020. Yet this massive proliferation and the imminent vulnerabilities that go with it have not seen businesses adapt their security measures to this new reality. In fact, companies are forecasted to spend only 10% of their IT security budgets on defending IoT devices. The discrepancy is alarming.

What is more, security teams routinely underestimate the number of devices on their network – in Darktrace’s experience, by an average of 7,000 devices – and this difference is often down to interconnected devices. The office staff might roll out a new swipe card system to regulate access to the building, or a new air conditioning unit might be installed, without so much as a mention to the IT team.

For all their ease of use and quick time to market, the reality is that interconnected devices weren’t created with security in mind. At Darktrace, we are seeing an increasing number of attacks that are using non-traditional devices as an inroad to the network, including printers, thermostats, and even a connected smoke detector.

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