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IoT alone will create 15 million jobs

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IoT, in a nutshell, is about connecting all devices to the internet so that it can send and receive data to make smart predictions.

New technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) have the potential to create 10-15 million jobs even as the IT services sector is struggling to create new jobs in the economy, said telecom secretary Aruna Sundararajan.

“In Bengaluru and other places, there have been concerns about how Indian IT will cope with new challenges and new technologies. We believe, or rather it is estimated, that Indiacan have 10-15 million new jobs created in IoT alone,“ Sundararajan said at a newsconference at the IoT India Congress 2017.

IoT in a nutshell is about connecting all devices -phones, watches, cooker, stove, TVs, watches etc -to the internet so that it can send and receive data to make smart predictions.The sensors in these devices enable the transfer of data. IoT has applications across sectors ranging from agriculture and healthcare to education.

“IoT has huge potential for job creation and most of these will not be created by large companies but by startups,“ Sundararajan said. “Startups have created solutions in diagnostics, sports wearable, water managements -the areas which were traditionally problematic have become opportunities.“

The IoT space is booming in India with about 65% of Indian startups working on it. The government is looking at ways to lay out regulations for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.

“Towards the beginning of next year, we will have a complete set of best practices for IoT,“ she said. “In addition, the ministries of IT and telecom are working together to bring in robust security protocols for new technologies.“

Earlier this month, the Telecom and Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) came up with its first set of recommendation on licensing, privacy , spectrum availability, SIM requirements and the like for enabling IoT in India.

The role of telecom service providers in accelerating the adoption of IoT is crucial, since high quality connectivity forms its backbone.

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