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How IoT and AI will Disrupt Customer Satisfaction Measurement

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Measurement of true customer satisfaction has always been the Holy Grail of customer experience. Sure, there are several methods currently in use, including net promoter scores (NPS), customer effort scores, and customer satisfaction scores (CSAT). Typically these approaches are fed by customer surveys—quite often the results are too little and too late. But what would happen if we disrupted customer satisfaction measurement using the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI)?

The first step to this new disruptive approach is to have customers opt in and provide the data streams that could be fed into an IoT Complex Event Processor (CEP engine), which is a collection of technology components that can process millions of events from mobile devices, connected products, website clicks, social media posts, and pretty much any type of message that can be generated by computers. All of these events can be pushed into an AI engine and it can learn from the massive amounts of data as it is pre-processed and passed into the CEP engine.

Standard AI techniques can be used to interpret text messages from the consumer and/or the event streams. AI is also great at data comparison and duplicate elimination — for example, what is similar about these messages? These pictures? What is different? What does a happy customer look like? What does a stream of messages that resulted in a positive outcome look like?

As the filtered and augmented information such as customer lifetime value, their service level agreement, or even their geographic location, gets passed to the CEP engine, it will act as a “state machine” to switch between conditions like good experience, bad experience and neutral experience. Each state in the CEP’s state machine could act on the entire stream of data mentioned above and intelligently invoke additional AI techniques. For example, if the customers is in a bad experience state, what next best activity should be offered to move that person into a neutral experience state, or even a good experience state?



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