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Introducing BDPaaS – StrongholdTM: Inherently Secure Big Data Architecture

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Today we are very pleased to announce a major new feature set to the CSC Big Data Platform as a Service: StrongholdTM.

Stronghold is the world’s most comprehensive security framework for big data applications and analytics. It reinforces CSC’s position as the leading global IT consulting firm for secure and compliant Big Data architecture and demonstrates our commitment to continued advancement in the space.

The big data security conundrum

Security and regulatory compliance is hugely important in today’s IT landscape. Internal and external threats to Apps_Analytics_TGasparcorporate infrastructure is increasing in frequency, and the consequences of data leaks are becoming increasingly severe. While traditional databases and data center architectures have many established solutions for data security, big data solutions like Hadoop are newer to the marketplace and up until this point, have had much less mature security capabilities. These capabilities have most been focused on “perimeter security” and IT best practices… or discovery-based solutions that search for sensitive data assets that have already been exposed.

Big data solutions continue to gain momentum though, because of the flexibility, scalability, and advanced analytics that these technologies enable… and the growing feature parity with enterprise data warehousing systems. As adoption increases and more use cases are moved to big data solutions, more and more sensitive and/or business-critical data is being migrated. These data assets must be secured in a more fine-grained fashion.

Stronghold – your data fortress

To solve the issue of fine-grained data security, we embraced two major technology advancements, which we’ve bundled together into the brand Stronghold.

  • Stronghold for Data Applications – based on a highly secure NoSQL database Platform as a Service deployed successfully for the US Government to perform large scale intelligence agency and military data analytics, which was open sourced for commercial use.
  • Stronghold for Hadoop – based on the most advanced Hadoop security architecture available on the market, in close collaboration with our strategic partners Cloudera and Hortonworks. Leverages ideal configurations, workflows, and automation developed for Cloudera’s Navigator, RecordService, and Apache Sentry, and Hortonwork’s Apache Ranger, Apache Knox, and Apache Atlas.

Together, these two Stronghold editions provide the robust security companies need to not only secure the data center infrastructure and platform perimeter, but also the data objects themselves with the ultimate proactive, fine-grained control.

  • Stronghold provides a centralized, open-source security platform that wraps around your entire big-data system — essentially building a “moat” or shield around your entire data lake.
  • Stronghold’s object-level security model requires that every individual data object be tagged with unique security metadata while it is ingested into the data lake — as opposed to a tedious “after the fact” approach that requires bolt-on security measures, or discovery tools that search for risky or unmasked data assets after they have penetrated your systems.
  • A combinational business-rules plus metadata-driven approach means both tags and business rules define what class or level of consumer is able to access each data object. It ensures that only the consumers with the correct permissions are able to “cross the security drawbridge” to access the right information — greatly improving security while ensuring compliance.

Learn more

Depending on your company’s business needs, one or both of the Stronghold editions may be suitable, so work closely with your CSC customer advocate and our big data architects to determine the appropriate security solution for you.

Find out more about CSC’s BDPaaS Solution.


Tim Gasper is the Global Portfolio Manager for CSC’s Big Data and Analytics offerings. He is responsible for the TimGasper_300x300strategy, roadmap and technology mix in offerings for the Big Data and Analytics offerings. In his additional responsibility as the product manager for CSC Big Data Platform as a Service (BDPaaS) offering, Tim has led product design and strategy for the world’s first comprehensive cloud-scale analytics platform. BDPaaS can be deployed in enterprise data centers, private or public clouds, providing programmers, analysts and data scientists the fastest means to collect, store, manage, analyze, report and visualize big and fast data.

Tim founded Keepstream, a social media analytics and curation startup, that was acquired by Infochimps in 2011. Tim has product management and product marketing experience in the technology space, and is an accomplished writer and speaker on entrepreneurship, lean startup methodology and big data.

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