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Internet of Things: Smartphones to smart homes, IoT has become increasingly visible

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Telecommunication is most commonly associated with inventions such as the telephone, fax machine, emails, and radio; essentially the ways in which we communicate on a daily basis. The global telecom industry is one of the fastest developing that the world had seen before, and there can be little doubt that technology has played a huge role in its ever-changing face. With each invention, or a new idea, comes another wave in which the global population can communicate ideas, images, or conversation and it shows no signs of slowing, either. Then came along the Internet and various ways it changed the telecom landscape, especially with the current Internet of Things (IoT) revolution.

The IoT has become increasingly visible and is growing at a phenomenal speed these days. The sensor technologies that make things “smart” are only part of the IoT. However connecting all these devices is what turns isolated pockets of technology into a network that generates and pools data in ways that lead to valuable insights. In this era of internet revolution, communication services treated their network providers as little more than “dumb network,” just providing bandwidth. The IoT revolution with its dramatic increase in strong, secure communication links offers the providers an opportunity to not only play a larger role but to create new value.

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