Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies, Solutions, and Market Opportunities 2017 – 2022 represents the most comprehensive selection of reports available addressing the market for IoT in industry verticals as well as IoT driven solutions, services, and applications across segments. This portfolio of reports also provides extensive coverage of IoT technology driven hardware, software, and platform integration as well as the convergence of IoT with other emerging ICT technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics.

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and solutions are anticipated to transform virtually every industry vertical across consumer, enterprise, and industrial segments. This transformation will include everything from business strategy and plan to PLM and CRM. Virtually every operational process and procedure will be impacted by IoT at some point for most industries. This impact will be favourable long-term, but highly disruptive in the short term for many segments.

Successful companies will be those that understand how and where IoT technologies and solutions will drive opportunities for operational improvements, new and enhanced products and services, as well as completely new business models. This research is critical to identifying opportunities for R&D, technology integration, and development of new solutions and applications across industry segments. Our findings, insights, data and forecasts are also a key part of capitalizing on the market for new and enhanced hardware, software, platforms, and services for emerging IoT networks and systems.

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