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Internet of Things in the enterprise – How 13 CIOs are using IoT

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The increase in IoT has remained a focus for CIOs and organisations within their business strategies. CIO UK looks at how CIOs are utilising the digital technology to reduce costs, get ahead of their competitors and increase staff productivity.

“Arguably the most exciting technology trend in real estate right now is the internet of things. Our workspaces are becoming smarter, and by 2030 we predict the tactical and operational management of workplaces will largely be undertaken by algorithms analysing millions of datasets.

“IoT will see data collected and exchanged by billions of everyday objects, dramatically changing how we live and work. In our offices, objects such as office chairs or lights with embedded smart sensors will detect conditions such as CO2 levels in a room, and emit alerts or responses.”
Chris Zissis, JLL’s CIO

“At its simplest level, we are going to use IoT sensors embedded in concrete to determine thermodynamic characteristics. This info is then stored in the cloud and used to refine the algorithms to improve accuracy. The benefit of this is a higher quality build for our customers and an improvement in efficiency of our operation.”
Richard Gifford, Carillion’s former CIO and transformation director

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Article Credit: CIO

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