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Internet of things – Benefits and Challenges in the Healthcare

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Internet of things – Benefits and Challenges in the Healthcare

With the tremendous growth in Internet of Things,  it is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by redefining the interaction between devices and people. IoT helps in constructing an integrated system that ensures patients are cared better, with a reduction in cost and better treatment outcomes.

Advantages of the Internet of Things in healthcare consist of many items. Let’s have a look at a few:

Decrease in the cost of service: With the recent growth in real time monitoring of patients and administering of medicines using devices , unnecessary doctor visits are cut down thus significantly decreasing the cost for healthcare providers. To add to this, in care facilities where advanced systems are available, there is a possibility of cutting down hospital admissions.

Effective Patient Management: With the wide spread of connectivity of devices, care providers have access to real time information about patients. This helps them in making informed decisions on what treatment to seek and the correct time to seek them. Also with the availability of continuous monitoring, diseases can be identified at an early stage and treatment can be started before things go out of hand

Enhanced Patient Care: Better accuracy in diagnosing, timely actions by doctors and improved treatment outcomes using IOT, the needs of the patient are attended to efficiently and effectively. This improves the trust of the patients and helps in maintaining the accountability of the service.

Challenges IoT in healthcare:

Data Security: Though IOT is transforming the healthcare industry, there are also a number of challenges given that patient data is sensitive. When such information is shared inappropriately, it may cause serious damage reputations. With the increase in the volume of data, there is more threat from cyber attacks and proper measures are required.

Infrastructure Dependency: Furthermore, the IT infrastructure of the industry will experience a strain with the increase in sharing  health data is expanded. To add, with the concept BYOD, there can be multiple devices in use adding up the risk factor.

Ultimately, the popularity of IOT is expected to grow up in the healthcare industry with the pros outweigh the cons. However, extra precautions should be taken while using IoT. Providing extra level of security and using IoT experts in the team, IoT offers a lot of positives for the healthcare industry.

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