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Internet has made us from consumers to producers

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Internet has made us from consumers to producers

The world of Internet has turned us from consumers to producers, in short ‘prosumers’. “New hybrid terms such as ‘produser’ and ‘co-creator’ have meanwhile entered academic parlance to accentuate users’ increased production prowess.”(Dijck, 2008, p.42). Not everyone who has access to internet contributes substantially to it but even if we don’t create, we take part by viewing, sharing and commenting. Many argue that because of sites like YouTube, much power has been given to amateurs. Hence, there is less left for the professionals. It is true to some extent but that is what this era of internet is all about. We have the skills and now have got a medium to help us. It is not just a tool in the hand of amateurs it is there for everyone which makes it multi-diverse. This society of internet opens us to a new world. Web developers attract people in such a way that we want to participate in the UGC activities. We are not just limited to viewing now; and this is what makes web more powerful than the television. The ‘produser’ feature is the very essence of the internet. When we go to any stage-show, celebrities invite the audience to the stage to make them feel part of the show. People die to go on the stage to shake a leg or sing with them. They feel elated. This is the exact feeling we get when we can be a part of the internet. We feel as if we own it.

Another aspect of internet which Eli Pariser talks about is, internet should show us what we need rather than what we want. It creates a filter bubble which limits us to things we like, in fact it should be like the newspaper with all the relevant information. We may skip the news we don’t like but it should be present/visible. Search engines limit our results based on the history of links we viewed or clicked. It should provide us with options with what we want to see ( a standard form). If we were only given food which we liked since the age of twelve, we would never have got the taste of other dishes. It is important to explore. Internet should give us this option. Else we will be stuck in a circle and this is unhealthy for our growth as individuals and as a nation on a whole.


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