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Intelligent Point of Sale embraces Star Micronics’ new Cable-Free Printing Solutions

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High Wycombe, UK, 28 July 2016 – Intelligent Point of Sale has introduced the latest version of its electronic point of sale app, intelligentpos® Version 4.0, and embraced Star Micronics’ new range of cable-free mPOS printers including the TSP143III Wireless LAN (WiFi), TSP143III Bluetooth as well as the unique combined Bluetooth printer and cash drawer solution mPOP™.

Intelligent Point of Sale proudly announced that it has listened to its 1,000 plus customers by developing a sophisticated online product and user management service alongside enhanced analysis and reporting. Having developed the UK’s first cloud-based iPad EPOS application, the company has gone from strength to strength with the latest version of its app, according to the company, rivalling the features of the market leaders.

Offering a new level of online management and two-way synchronisation, hospitality operators can create, edit and manage products, prices and categories remotely either via an iPad or their Backoffice while automatically publishing these to any other terminals in the business. All of the upgrades to 4.0 are the direct result of Intelligent Point of Sale’s ‘Feature Vote’ which is an online forum that allows customers to participate in the company’s product development plans. The increased robustness of the technology platform that has been built into Version 4.0 also means that new features can be added quickly and efficiently.

With Version 4.0 supporting the latest additions to the TSP100 futurePRNT™ series from Star, users can not only benefit from enhanced software but also the flexible, cost-saving advantages of installing high speed Bluetooth and WiFi mPOS printing solutions. The TSP100 series also includes the convenience of an internal power supply along with a vertical mount kit in the box and offers compatibility with major operating systems including Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

The TSP143III Wireless LAN provides easy pairing thanks to a simple WPS connection offering straightforward wireless setup while the TSP143III Bluetooth model features an autoconnect function for iOS after power on or an out-of-range situation thus ensuring functionality at all times. Users can also take advantage of the futurePRNT software tools available with the entire TSP100 series and, in particular, the setup tool that provides simple web based configuration from any operating system and native setup utilities for iOS and Android.

Beyond the TSP100 series, Star’s unique combined Bluetooth printer and cash drawer solution mPOP provides a low cost, lightweight solution that is just 10cm high and 30cm wide with a sleek design. Available in black or white, mPOP can be purchased with a plug and play scanner or this can be added as a later option. To complete the solution, the new POPPack option includes a high quality black or white tablet stand and metal plate with alternative colours available if required. A black or white PED (pin entry device) stand is also available for card payment. The universal tablet frame that is attached to the mPOP metal plate has a sponge inner sleeve to accommodate 10 inch tablets and can be turned 180 degrees to allow the customer to view the transaction. Simple to set up, the tablet stand and plate option adds the finishing touch to mPOP to create a stylish, portable mPOS station.

The POPPack design provides a flexible option with the extra security required within a busy retail / hospitality environment, whilst retaining the mobile element. This makes the solution ideal for pop up outlets, micro merchants as well as larger scale operators who benefit from the ability to securely store or transport the mPOS station at the end of trading.

Paul Walton, co-founder of Intelligent Point of Sale and CTO, said: “We are impressed with the robust performance of Star printers and were pleased when Star launched the TSP143III Wireless LAN as an entry-level WiFi printer. Given that it is notoriously difficult and expensive to install traditional EPOS in an hospitality environment, the TSP143III Wireless LAN provides the ideal low cost solution for many of our customers when combined with our iPad EPOS solution. With Version 4.0 also supporting the LAN and Bluetooth models of the TSP100 series as well as the mPOP from Star, we are ideally positioned to provide our diverse customer base with a solution that precisely meets its needs.”

Andrew Calzetti, Chief Marketing Officer, Intelligent Point of Sale, adds: “Star Micronics has been a long-standing, loyal partner of ours and their products have been successfully and reliably powering our customers’ businesses in the UK and around the world. We are confident that the new evolution of our EPOS software combined with the latest Bluetooth and WiFi printers from Star represents the ideal set-up for every small and medium business, and we look forward to helping new and existing businesses out there sell more, generate loyalty, increase profits and grow.”

“Having partnered with Intelligent Point of Sale for a number of years we are pleased that Version 4.0 supports the latest versions of our successful TSP100 futurePRNT™ series and unique mPOP™ solution,” states Annette Tarlton, Marketing Director, Star Micronics EMEA. “We look forward to seeing more successful installations from this innovative mPOS company that actively listens and responds so well to its customers’ needs.”

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