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Intelligent ERP poised to transform business as we know it

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Intelligent ERP is the way of the future, and that future is now.

Businesses need to understand this change as it’s happening to make smart decisions regarding their systems and processes, according to IDC analyst Mickey North Rizza, who presented the “Intelligent ERP: The Front End of the Future” session at the recent IDC Directions conference in Boston.

“What I’d like you to realize [is], from a business standpoint, we have a huge rate of change going,” said North Rizza, IDC program vice president of enterprise applications and digital commerce. “Our technology systems are keeping up to date, but we haven’t updated [them] because we’ve spent millions and, in some cases, billions of dollars for these systems, whether it’s ERP or another kind of business application.”

The business world is already tilting in the direction of intelligent business applications, according to North Rizza. IDC research indicates that 35% of business leaders will demand intelligent business applications by the end of 2018 because they want to improve their business processes and their mix of resources. The main motivating factors are reducing complexity in business processes and the amount of time spent on tasks to get more value.

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