Thu. Oct 28th, 2021
ERP problems
ERP problems
ERP problems

ERP problems- When a company is evaluating new ERP solutions, they expect the vendors to either implement the software or recommend a partner firm that can.

Unfortunately, too few ‘implementers’ are actually ‘integrators’ and frustrated software buyers aren’t liking this. Worse still, the integrators out there possess scant knowledge or interest in doing the work that’s needed to get ALL of a system fully operational and effective for the client.

As the market moved from on-premises to cloud solutions, service organizations have tried to simultaneously move to a new business model. The new model has these characteristics:

  • ‘Consultants’ don’t travel anymore. They phone-in their work products remotely. Unfortunately, you need to be at clients sometimes because that’s how you read the body language of trouble makers/Luddites, keep after clients to get their work done, mediate design decisions, clarify confusing matters immediately not weeks after the issue becomes known, etc. Yes, it’s great to work at home but you can’t say you know the client’s issues/needs unless you walk a mile in their shoes at their facilities.
  • ‘Consultants’ might serve several clients daily and dozens of different clients over a week’s time. Because of their narrow specialization, no one consultant sees the big picture nor takes accountability for the project’s success. Moreover, if one consultant configures something wrong, another one might not catch the error. There is little to no continuity between consultants on a given project and that makes success a slim probability. Without continuity, accountability is dispersed over a wide-number of constantly changing people.
  • The implementation is mostly a pre-baked set of spreadsheets that clients must populate with master file and transaction database material. The consultant uploads these into the software. Frankly, if that’s all there is to an implementation, every client could do it themselves and never need a consultant. This approach is incomplete and seriously wrong.

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Article Credit: Diginomica

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