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Infor Team Dynamics to Help Organizations Predict Future Talent

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Over the past 17 years, Infor Talent Science has proven that a person’s behaviors are a significant predictor of future performance in a role or business. Infor Team Dynamics now extends this prediction to incorporate another significant predictor of performance; how a candidate or manager will work effectively with the people closest to them.

“An individual’s behavioral fit to a role is a significant factor in determining someone’s propensity to stay and perform in a company,” said Dr. Jill Strange, vice president, Infor HCM Science Applications. “However, it is not the only factor that drives retention and performance.  Infor Team Dynamics enables us to maximize the effectiveness of our product suite by also considering the second largest factor of potential performance; how that person will ‘fit’ with the team and the manager.”

Part of the Infor Talent Science suite, Infor Team Dynamics leverages a predictive analytics solution to select, align, and group employees based on their fit to each other and their manager. With Infor Team Dynamics, managers have the tools to assist them in finding the right people for the right role, and to also assist in putting the right people together to work effectively. By understanding how teams function and how individuals will work together on tasks, leaders can optimize the teams within their organization and make better decisions when forming and managing them. This product will enable companies to intelligently select and build high performing teams across their organization based on science.  With a click of a mouse, managers will be given insight to detractors, promoters, champions, and allies and their ability to work together to outperform the competition.

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