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Infor now number 3 of the ERP market

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In a study on the ERP market identified by our Silicon colleagues, Panorama Consulting firm Infor ranks as the number three in the ERP market, behind SAP and Oracle but ahead of Microsoft Dynamics. For this study, called Clash of the Titans 2016, the research firm interviewed 519 persons selected and / or deployed an ERP between June 2014 and October 2015. With 23% of deployments, SAP is well ahead of Oracle and Infor (16% ). Microsoft gets only 9% of deployments.

This ranking third among Infor is surprising insofar as the publisher was drowned in the other category from previous editions of this study Panorama Consulting. Infor has its acquisitions bulimia allowing it to appear in the top four publishers selected short list (with a frequency of 8%). Its ability to be selected at the end of the short list when it is selected (19%) then allows it to make a difference and reach the level of Oracle.

We note in passing that Infor displays the average implementation time of a project the lowest of the four editors, with a period of 16.2 months, 19.5 months when SAP requires Oracle and Microsoft 23.4 24 9. Infor is also displaying the better cost control with a final invoice (€ 2.1 million on average) slightly lower than the budget. Overtaking is on average 5% for SAP (for an average bill of € 2.2 million), 13% for Microsoft (for an average bill of € 1.7 million) and 17% for Oracle (for an invoice average of € 2.7 million).

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