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India has the scope to go straight to the cloud: Microsoft India president

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Q. Is the cloud momentum in India in line with what’s happening in advanced markets? What is different here?
Almost all the 14 geographical areas around the world in which Microsoft operates have similar growth rates on the ground. It’s just that each of these markets started at a different point. Therefore it’s a secular trend.

There are areas that are already a large base and still continue to grow fast. It is incumbent upon us in India to accelerate and create the same scale.

Adoption of cloud technologies in India, as in other geographies, has come in many ways. One is pure-play infrastructure, which comes from startups as well as companies that already have large private clouds and are therefore migrating to the public cloud.

Much more than that is the move to the modern work place that is changing the cloud. For the first time, Office 365 on the cloud is surpassing Microsoft Office suite, which is used on-premises. That is a big marker of where the world is headed.

The third area in which I expect the cloud to pick up in a big way, and India is beginning to do that, is that the business applications—CRM, ERP and other broader business ones—will all go on the cloud. And with GST in place, that will only get more enabled because every business, small and big, will need to connect with the cloud either directly or indirectly to get the benefit of this connected transaction framework that we’re putting in place.

Q. When it comes to cloud adoption, how did India start and where is it today?
It is similar to our telephony revolution. India had a small base of wired telephones before mobiles came along, completely bypassing wired telephony.

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